Plenary speakers

Plenary 1: Challenges in Nano-science using Computation and Synchrotron Radiation

(Latest update on 28th Feb’16: Prof. Kroto is seriously unwell  in recent weeks hence Prof. Richard Catlow has kindly accepted our invitation to give Plenary 1)


Prof. Richard Catlow, FRS

Jointly with University College London & Cardiff University, UK

Charles “Richard” Arthur Catlow FRS is a British chemist, and professor at University College London. Previously, he was Director of the Davy Faraday Research Laboratory, and Wolfson Professor of Natural Philosophy at the Royal Institution (Profile page).

Plenary 2: Creation and Application of Advanced Functional Materials in Industry

ian crosley

Mr. Iain Crosley, Managing Director, Hosokawa Micron Ltd., UK ( which is a part of  Hosokawa Micron Group (  see Iain’s biography (Biographical Note) and achievement (Achievement)


Plenary 3: Nano materials in Green Technology


Prof. James Clark, Director of the Green Chemistry Centre, York University, United Kingdom (Profile page), Watch the interview before the meeting: click the link

 Plenary 4: Nano-catalysis

Prof. Graham Hutchings, FRS (17th Feb’16: Reported that he can’t make hence Dr Simon Freakly from his group will be delivering the talk on his behalf)

simon Kelly_modified

Short Biography


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