Keynote speakers

Keynote 1: Theme Nano-energy/environmental (NE-1)

Title of the talk: Porous and nanostructured materials for Lithium Ion Batteries


Prof. Andreas Stein, University of Minnesota, USA, Among 25 most cited Materials Scientists globally (profile page)

Keynote 2; Theme Nano-energy/environmental (NE-2) on Water

Title: Harnessing nanomaterials for clean water and energy generation

Armin vokel

Dr. Armin Volkel, Senior Scientist, Palo Alto Research Centre, USA, (profile page)

Keynote 3: Theme Nano-medicine (NM-1) under health

Title: New biomimetic constructs to prolong in vivo the life span of iron-based MRI/MPI contrasting agents


Prof. Mauro Magnani, Chief Scientific officer of Erydel Spa (,  European Society of Translational Medicine (, University of Urbino, Italy (profile page)

Keynote 4: Theme Nano-medicine (NM-2) under health

Title: Evolution of nanoparticle based radiopharmaceuticals for radionuclide imaging

phil blower

Prof. Phil Blower, Head of Dept. of Imaging Chemistry and Biology, Kings College London, UK (profile page)

Keynote 5: Theme Nano-medicine (NM-3)

Title: Plasmonic and Magnetic NPs for Biomedical Applications


Prof Nguyen TK Thanh, Professor of Nanomaterials, Royal Society University Research Fellow  (profile page)

Keynote 6: Theme Nano-Catalysis and Green Technology (NC-1)

Title: Nano Applications & its Industrialization: Nano Product Development & Research Overview of Tata Chemicals Innovation Center, Pune, India


Dr Debabrata Rautaray, Senior Scientist -Advance Materials & Green Chemistry Division at  Tata Innovation Centre, Tata Chemicals Ltd., Pune, India (Profile page)

Keynote 7; Theme Nano-Catalysis and Green Technology (NC-2) on catalysis

Title: Metal-Carbon framework: through a control of catalyst synthesis at the molecular level

phillipe sharp

Prof. Philippe Serp, CNRS, Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination, Toulouse, France (Profile page)

Keynote 8: Theme Nano-Catalysis and Green Technology (NC-3)

Title: How does your Nanoporous Crystal Grow?


Prof. Micheal Anderson, Director of Centre for Nanoporous Materials, University of Manchester, UK (profile page)

Keynote 9: Theme Nano-medicine (NM-3)

Safe and Sustainable Nanotechnology – using toxicology to benefit innovation and development


Prof. Vicki  Stone, Deputy Head of School / Director of Nanosafety / Prof of Toxicology, School of Life Sciences, Heriot Watt University, Scotland, UK (profile page)


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